Why Customer Integrity is Important to Us

The customer's right to integrity is of great importance and we are aware that when a customer chooses to provide us with personal information, the customer puts their trust in our ability to handle customer integrity in a responsible manner. The Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance Inc. believes that this information should be used only to improve the services of the customer. We have created this Privacy Policy to emphasize that we protect the customer's personal information.

Personal Information Collected by The Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance Inc.

When an order is made with us, we collect the customer's contact information, which includes name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

Protection of CustomersĖ™ Integrity

We take the necessary steps to protect the customer's integrity. When a customer gives us sensitive information (such as a credit card number at a purchase), we take reasonable steps to protect it, such as encrypting the customer's card number. We provide the customer's name and address to our supplier as it is required to deliver the goods. We do not provide any customer information to other companies or individuals for marketing without the customer's consent. This information includes personal data such as the customer's name, address and telephone number.